Social Activities


Based on CamAgra's social contribution policy, the company is committed to a wide range of activities which aim to improve the livelihood and welfare of the employees as well as the neighboring communities. These social activities are done simultaneously on three different levels: Education, Health and Social Contribution to society. These activities take into account the desires of the communities themselves as well as areas where we believe our experience and potential contribution might be most effective. To meet with the goals of these activities, Camagra has established partnerships with various major players who have contributed their experience as well. The collaborating bodies include: local and federal authorities, community leaders and NGOs. Camagra is open to extend activities and collaboration of this nature.

Education – We give high priority to our actions in the field of education. As all CamAgra's employees and their families are living within the company land, all their children are staying on permanent basis in the plantations. To ensure that every child living in the plantations will attend school, the company has established a school on one of our plantations. On other sites, a school is operating as a result from collaboration between the company, local education authority and NGO.

Health – All CamAgra's employees are treated in the local medical centers around the plantations. Specific trainings in first aid and hygiene are organized for the employees with the support of relevant NGOs.

Social Contribution – CamAgra is highly conscious to the importance of developing good relationship with the neighboring communities as well as with the local authorities. For example: Children from neighboring communities are attending CamAgra schools; supporting the renovation of the nearby Pagoda and the village school; donating and planting trees in Planting Ceremony; allowing the villagers to use the company roads, etc.

The company's involvement in the regional events and activities emphasize CamAgra's significant role in the social and economic development of its surrounding communities and neighbors

Forest Administration officers and CamAgra's representatives planting trees at the Planting Ceremony near Koh Kong city.

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